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FAQs about Natural Stone

What types of stone are acceptable for use outside?

Any stone can be used outside, but depending on their makeup, location and outdoor conditions their use might be limited.

Are special cut sizes available for order?

Special cut slabs and other dimensional stones can be ordered in certain types of stones to manufacture sills, surrounds, mantels, hearth stones, etc.

What are flagstones?

Flagstone is a term used for flat stones of any type used for walkways or patios. Typically, they range from 1? to 3? in thickness, depending on the stone type.

What are the advantages to using stone over other products?

Stones have a property where they absorb energy at a slower rate than other products and release that energy at a slower rate as well. On a house that means that in the summer the heat would not transfer through the walls as quickly and in the winter the heat would not escape as quickly, therefore reducing cooling and heating costs. Stone is also more resistant to a lot of the elements and to freeze/thaw cycles.